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Transforming Finance Functions

We believe that a transformed Finance Function provides the springboard to sustainable business growth. Transforming the Finance Function is also a key way of reducing the possibility of fraud. Watch out for the key signs of fraud.

vfdnet transforms finance functions by:

  • Managing data entry - sound planning and management of data entry is the bedrock to sound accounts.
  • Quality Management accounts - that are timely, accurate and meaningful, enabling you to rely on the information for key decisions.
  • Profit Analysis - drilling down to show where profit is generated, either by product or service, by customer market or manager.
  • Business Plans & Budgets - through understanding your business and key drivers, prepare business plans and budgets which are challenging but realistic.
  • 'What if' analysis - working with you we can run 'what if' analyses which model the impact of performance not quite meeting the plan.
  • Cash forecasts - we can take your profit projections and turn them into robust cash projections, allowing you to predict your cashflow and plan for peak requirements.

The benefits are considerable:

  1. Accurate information allows better decisions
  2. Timely information means corrective action is taken sooner, saving the business money
  3. Meaningful - Management Accounts which really assist the Directors and Managers to make better business decisions
  4. Ability to forecast profit and cash forward, hence buying valuable 'talking time' with business backers

vfdnet provides experienced management accountants, bookkeepers and part time finance directors on a part time basis. vfdnet have many years experience of helping early stage and growth companies, hence work efficiently and provide you with a cost effective solution. Contact us for a no obligation discussion about your needs.

Client Testimonial

"We brought vfdnet in to review our existing management accounts information, asking them to recommend a standard group reporting package of reports and implement them after our approval. The package of reports included Profit & Loss, Cashflow and Balance Sheet data, both historic and forecast. This new group reporting has provided the owners and senior management with valuable information for key strategic decisions on the future direction of the operating businesses. I would recommend vfdnet for a thorough approach, and for their implementation which was handled with sensitivity and ensured buy-in from operating businesses."

Joe - Finance Director, Engineering company

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