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Acquisitions / Buying A Business

Growth businesses could find acquisitions a valuable route to create value - see our nesletter - Time to Seize the moment?. Buying a business works best when you don't overpay and you only take risks you understand.

vfdnet's experienced FDs provides part time FD Services as follows:

  • Acquisition search - help finding your ideal target business
  • Commercial due diligence - identify the key characteristics which will drive profit in your hands
  • Funding - detailed financial and business plans providing real credibility
  • Funding Presentations to potential funders - Bank, VCs or other equity investment
  • Due Diligence - Identify risks, arranging specialist due diligence
  • Project management to help avoid 'deal distraction' from 'heads of terms' to final contract
  • Post acquisition integration of new subsidiary

The benefits are considerable:

  1. Save cost - Idendify poor deals early
  2. Determine profit drivers
  3. Secure funding
  4. Avoid deal distraction
  5. Use due diligence for best commercial negotiation
  6. Plan for effective integration

vfdnet part time Finance Directors have strong experience of buying businesses as shown by our transactions. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Case Study

The client, a business-to-business service company, had established a geographical acquisition policy and was prepared to issue equity to raise the necessary funds for the acquisitions. We began by reviewing the business, advising on how to turn around the existing business, drawing up a detailed financial business plan and presenting the strategy and financial plan to potential venture capital backers. Presentations were given to ten venture capital funds that were subsequently short listed to two prior to final selection. Following detailed investor due diligence, and subsequent successful negotiation, the company completed the three acquisitions and the £6m fund-raising all on the allotted day.

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