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Our values are essential to how we operate.  We will constantly strive to deliver on these values.  If we do ever fail to match up please tell us.



We want to provide our clients with outstanding value.  We will provide a quality service at a fair price; indeed we delight in doing work where we generate value many times greater than the cost of the fees charged.  Where we can we will align our interests with the client through working on a success fee basis in areas such as business sales, acquisitions and fundraisings.  Unless agreed beforehand we will not charge for travel time.



We wish to treat Associates as we would wish to be treated.  We respect Associates by matching their experience, strengths and abilities to the needs of clients and by ensuring payments are made as agreed.



We want to build long term partnerships with suppliers.  Trusted relationships take a long time to build so are to be cherished.  Long terms partnerships, with respect on both sides, enable better client solutions to be developed so benefiting all parties.



We enjoy working with complementary professionals.  We will introduce clients and contacts to complementary professionals based on their ability to deliver the appropriate solution.  Unless agreed with the client we do not accept commission or introductory fees from people we introduce to clients, ensuring our advice remains unbiased and objective.


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