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Part Time Finance Directors

You may not be able to afford a full time Finance Director or FD, however having a part time FD available can help in many ways.

Our Part time FDs have major advantages over their full time equivalents such as:

      No Recruitment Fee

      No onerous notice period
      No Holiday pay
      No Employers National Insurance

      No Sick leave

Instead our part time FDs and part time FCs charge a daily or hourly rate.  Indeed, because our part time FDs and FCs are home office based, our charges are typically significantly lower than our Year End Accountant equivalents.

Our Part Time FDs are very effective at:

      Business Sale processes
      Management Buy Outs (MBOs)


Our part time FDs all have deal experience.  This means that as your part time FD they have the experience to advise you through the full acquisition process, helping to ensure you to source funding, minimise the risks and manage the costs to Budget.  Please see our Acquisition services for more details.

NB. We typically reduce deal related Legal costs, meaning that our services really add value. (Our rates are significantly less than the good Corporate Lawyers we work with).

Business Sale Process
Again as all our part time FDs have Deal experience, they are ideally placed to advise you as Business Owner on your business sale options. These might include a sale to a private buyer, a Management Buy Out, a flotation on AIM or the sale to a Private Equity fund.

For an example of the type of deals our part time FDs have done take a look at our Deal Tombstones.  Many deals will fall over during negotiations or the due diligence process. Our experience of successfully completed deals, together with the cumulative learning experience of deal brakers , makes our part time FDs invaluable deal makers, passionately involved in achieving the best deal.  More on our highly effective Business Sale services.

As we regularly work in the SME funding market, our par time FDs are well placed to advice you as business owner on what funding sources might be available.  Our Fundraising services include:
       Private Equity
       Bank Funding
       Business Angel
       Alternative Funding

Management Buy Outs (MBOs)
Many Managers incorrectly think that they need to raise all the acquisition funds themselves. However for a well run business with a good management team Bank and Private Equity funds are available providing the Funding case is professionally prepared and with good financial advice.   This is definitely the sweet spot for our part time FDs, utilising their Acquisition, Fundraising and Strategic experience.  Read more on our Management Buy Out services.

Want to join us as a part time FD?
Then see our Join Us page for more details or come to our next Portfolio Evaluator Workshop

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Call 01865 78 40 60 or why not Contact US for a no obligation free of charge initial discussion?

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