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Strategic Business Plans
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Strategic Business Plans

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Strategic Business Plans are great ways of reducing the risk in your business (read on for more on this), otherwise you can also understand your growth risks through the Ansoff Matrix.

Growth businesses need to translate their vision and goals into workable strategic plans. This may well involve delegating profit centre budgets down to business managers. vfdnet part time Finance Directors work with clients to help reconcile the owner's goals with the manager's ability to hit targets.

vfdnet will work with you to produce professional and credible strategic plans. The typical process is as follows:

  • Determine the strategic business plan purpose and therefore audience - owner, investor, bank, venture capitalist, or grant provider.
  • Draft the full narrative business plan addressing the key questions which the audience would want to ask; this would be tailored to the specific concerns of each type of audience.
  • Draft the financial plan or budget, using software that ensures a fully integrated Profit and Loss statement, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet. Not only will this help avoid embarrassing questions, but it also allows vfdnet to adjust the financial plan in an interactive session with the owner or managers, making a highly efficient and effective use of time and fees.
  • Do a sensitivity analysis on the financial plan, outlining the impact of the 'what if we don't quite hit our targets'.

Benefits of this service are:

  1. Properly worked through strategies and financial plans, making them more achievable
  2. Higher credibility with external readers of the plans - our vfdnet Finance Director becomes a part time member of your team!
  3. Plans more likely to be successful
  4. Saving you hassle and time - all for a Fixed Fee

Contact vfdnet for a no obligation discussion. vfdnet Finance Directors have extensive experience of working with owners and managers (on a part time or Virtual basis) to produce professional plans, plans which have successfully backed applications for Small Firms Loan Guarantees, Bank overdrafts, business angel investments and grants.

Client Testimonial

vfdnet has been working with our business to define its financial strategy and develop its funding options not an easy task when you have a business growing at a rate of 50% year on year in terms of clients. The thing I liked about vfdnet's approach was being flexible, professional, and practical, but most importantly in my view, working with you not for you; this is the skill that sets a great FD apart from all the rest. As a result of their success in setting out a clear, robust and simplified way the business looks at itself, after taking into account the complexities within it, we decided that we could not do without vfdnet going forward. As our part time FD vfdnet has taken on the overall financial strategy, management and reporting of the business internally as well as externally. The result is the business is doing better, understands what it needs to do by when and has ultimately left me more time to grow the business even further.

The question you have to ask yourself, how can you do without vfdnet? The reality is very unlikely!

CEO, Successful SME Business

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