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Typical Signs of Business Fraud

Watch out for these signs in your business!

vfdnet transforms finance functions by:

  1. Unexplained large purchases or holidays
  2. An extravagent lifestyle which appears to be ou of line with the persons salary.
  3. Any addictions - this might be to alcohol, gambling, or gaming.
  4. Extra marital affairs - these put pressure on an employees finances often driving fraud.
  5. Small errors or inconsistencies - this could be on expense claims or other purchases
  6. Paying above normal cost for Goods or services.
  7. Unauthorised payroll payments eg overtime or allowances
  8. Fictitious payroll or supplier names
  9. Unreconciled supplier statements
  10. Round sum payments


vfdnet regularly conducts Finance function reviews, which include an assessment of the strength of business controls.  Please Contact us for a no obligation discussion about how we can help you.

Since working with us, our VFD Richard, has developed our financial understanding of the business to a completely new level.  Through simple analysis and development of effective and clear systems and reporting frameworks, he has helped us get control of our position and have a new confidence in the figures and projections for the business.  He has also added a new level of professional financial scrutiny to our projects and meetings.  His knowledge and understanding have also helped us to develop and expand the knowledge and skills of our existing team, empowering and enabling them to take on greater responsibilities.  Going forward we look forward to working closely with Richard as we develop the business further over the next few years.”


Director and majority shareholder

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