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Bank Business Loans and Financing

What are the lending criteria for Banks? How can you best present your business to a Bank? What are the alternatives?

Early stage businesses will find bank funding hard to find unless backed by a credible personal guarantee (usually in the form of a second charge on your property). However, growth businesses have the opportunity for bank funding if they can demonstrate a good track record, sound commercial management and dependable cash flows.  The chance of securing bank backing is considerably enhanced by bringing in a vfdnet part time Finance Director.

Our services for growth businesses are as follows:

  • Financial business plans - determins cash need
  • Bank Tenders, including terms, security and covenants
  • Acting as the ongoing part time Finance Director

The benefits of these services are:

  1. Avoid time wasting
  2. Enhanced credibility with banks
  3. Ensure best banking deal
  4. Reduce risk on covenants

vfdnet part time Finance Directors have extensive experience of arranging bank finance and negotiating the best deal for the security able to be offered by the business. Contact us for a no obligation free discussion on how we can help you.

Case Study

The client needed a good working capital or bank overdraft facility for his rapidly growing business.  The vfdnet part time Finance Director reviewed the business, identified key business drivers, and together with the management team wrote the narrative business plan and prepared financial projections. These were then presented to several banks, discussed in terms of the most suitable funding, and a Small Firms Loan Guarantee was agreed. The Small Firms Loan Guarantee (now renamed the Enterprise Finance Guarantee) is not available to every businesses, but where it can be used it is very effective, as the DTI guarantees 75% of the funding requirement.

Note: You can also download a factsheet on funding your business in html or pdf format.

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