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Expert Buying

Our vfdnet Finance Directors have considerable experience of buying in professional services such as Accountants, Tax Advisors and Lawyers.  We have saved clients many thousands of pounds by carefully controlling these services and costs.  

For Growth businesses, package together all your legal or tax issues, refine the precise requirements and control the costs through our Expert Buyer service.

For a one off fixed fee we will find the right professional firm for your business needs, finding you the best lawyer, accountant, tax adviser or corporate finance firm.

Key Benefits:

  1. Saves hassle - finding the right advisor
  2. Clear scope - work clearly defined and hence controllable
  3. Controlled costs - our fees are often well exceeded by the savings we achieve

Why use vfdnet? The key reasons are:

  • 15 years experience of buying professional services for growing SME businesses
  • Passionate about finding the right commercial solution
  • Focussed value added service
  • Don't let the adviser run away with the costs

Case Study 1 - New Product development

This market research company was launching a new product. It wanted to gain the best Intellectual Property protection for the product, including protecting its interests with suppliers, customers and employees. vfdnet chose 4 firms to quote for the work; quotes ranged from £2K to £7K; meetings were held with 2 firms; client delighted, chose best adviser for his needs, and saved £5K.

Case Study 2 - Tax Adviser appointment

This building and property development company had struggled with inheritance issues for 10 years, unable to see an easy solution. vfdnet summarised the situation, defined the key issues, chose 4 tax adviser firms to pitch; quotes were received offering differing approaches and different risk profiles; meetings were held with two adviser firms; client very pleased to have a solution to his long running issue, saving him approx £500K in taxes.

Case Study 3 - Reporting Accountant appointment

A company was embarking on an AIM float and wished to appoint Reporting Accountants. vfdnet defined the scope of work, chose 3 firms to pitch for the business; firms were each met, quotes obtained and adviser appointed. Quotes ranged from £56K to £300K and the client appointed the adviser of choice at the least cost (£56K).

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